Group session - Blossom

Group session for women and in English, these sessions will take place over six weeks, either Thursday evening or Saturday morning. First session from Thursday, more details here: Blossom session.

Sophrology Sessions


The individual session answers to a specific and personal request . It begins with a time of discussion, then practical exercises and ends with feedback on the progress of the session . The first session lasts 1h30 and the following ones 1h .

One session at:



The group session is between 5 and 8 people . These sessions are a moment of sharing, well-being and optimism during which the participants learn to manage stress, sleep better and feel more positive. These sessions can take place during the day or in the evening.

Ten sessions at:



Workplace sophrology is more than a method to relieve stress for employees: it can help improve teamwork and relationships between colleagues. It takes place during working hours and lasts between 1h and 1h15 .

Sophrology and English Sessions

Sophrology and English

Sophrology is more and more popular in the French education system as this method can help children, teenagers and students to study more efficiently. I offer motivating, interesting and personalised English lessons, combining teaching and sophrology. In groups of 4 to 6 people , with 10 sessions of 1h30 per term.

Ten sessions at:

200 €

Accepted means of payment

It is possible to pay in cash or by bank card.


Sophrology sessions are not reimbursed by the sécurité sociale, but can be covered by private health insurance companies (mutuelles). The list of mutuelles companies that reimburse sophrology sessions is available by clicking on this link: mutuelle reimbursement.

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