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Sophrology and English

Sophrology is becoming increasingly popular in the French education system as this method can help children, teenagers and students to:


  • Improve their concentration and memory

  • Boost their self-confidence

  • Manage stress

  • Prepare for tests, exams or entrance exams in a calm way

  • Increase motivation and enjoy school and learning again

  • Manage their emotions

  • Boost energy levels

  • Improve the quality of sleep


School can be a source of stress for children as they can experience pressure from both the school environment and parents. This pressure and workload as well as classes of 30 or more pupils can make learning difficult, especially when it comes to foreign languages.

It can be daunting to speak a foreign language in front of a large class and each pupil has only a very limited speaking time, so making progress can be difficult. As the years go by pupils can be “left behind” resulting in a vicious circle as they speak less and less and therefore get further and further behind. The teaching methods for languages are not always effective or motivating.


Thanks to my 25 years’ experience teaching children, teenagers and students as well as my training as a sophrologist, I am able to offer motivating, interesting and tailor made English lessons which combine teaching and sophrology.



The sessions will be divided into 3 parts:

  1. First of all, 10 minutes of sophrology exercises to enable the learners to feel relaxed and calm which helps improve concentration and enables effective learning.

  2. A dynamic and interactive English lesson which will mainly focus on speaking but will also have activities to review grammar and improve vocabulary. The themes chosen will be of special interest to young people such as sport, fashion, travelling, new technologies or current affairs.

  3. At the end of the session there will be 10 minutes of sophrology exercises to help the learner feel calm and relaxed for the week ahead and to prepare for tests or exams.


“The little extras”

  • Each pupil / parent will have access to the application “quizlet”. This fun and effective application helps with learning and remembering new words and expressions. I will update this after each lesson with new vocabulary.

  • Each pupil/ parent will also have access to an audio recording of the sophrology exercises from the session. The pupils can listen to and benefit from them during the week if they wish.


Each child/ teenager will have a short evaluation of their English skills in order to be placed in a small group with others of the same level. Each group will have a minimum of 4 pupils and a maximum of 6.

The lessons will last 90mins and will take place once a week. Enrolment will be for a term of 10 sessions at a cost of 200€ (20€/session).


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